Melanie Tjoeng

Melanie Tjoeng is an Australian photographer currently based in Honolulu, Hi. The first time we hung out was for a photo shoot on the North Shore. Before we left a couple blocks of her apartment, she nervously asked if we could return back to her place to check if the toaster was still on. I nervously agreed, as I too am a forgetful person who enjoys toast. 

Since that point on, Mel and I have been very close friends. I credit her with curating the visual aesthetic of our brand. She has a wonderful way of posing models and capturing the moment with such ease and elegance. Her photos are dream-like and mystical, perhaps it's because she embodies that magic.

Both our spirit animals are elderly grandmothers and you can probably catch one of us eating a spring roll at any point of the day. My fondest memories of Mel are hanging out in her Chinatown loft and conversing about goals, our upbringing and what lays ahead in the future. Thank you Mel for everything, best of luck in your travels.

- Ben