Moon Collective in the Vatican.

I was twenty years old super excited and also very stupid. I booked my flight to land in Rome when my program was located in Florence. Instead of planning to stay in a hostel before my dormitory became available, I reserved an eerie camp spot far out of town. Nothing was worst than the initial sense of terror which over came me once the plane landed.

I spent the next week wondering the streets of Rome, looking for places to sleep and playing tourist. I didn't know a single soul and I realized this was probably the first time I had ever I felt this way. I was in a constant state of ecstasy and panic, rolling plenty of cigarettes and smashing down pizzas. That summer, I saw the beauty of another world, met some amazing people and still to this day I draw inspiration for those frantic, but lovely days.

This photo set was taken by our friend Mel. She spent the day with Risa, walking around the Vatican. Looking lost and at peace like I did many years ago. 

- Ben