Indoor Camping

This past winter in the bay area, I finally had the opportunity to work Julian Edward. I have been a fan of his photography and his work ethic for some time now. He approached me with the concept of creating a playful indoor camping scene within his photography studio. So with that in mind, we spent the next week sketching out ideas, and looking for props that could add the to scenes we played out in our head. 

The three vibrant backdrops represent the three main cycles of the sun; morning, day and night. The morning symbolizes our mind awaking and preparation for day, the day symbolizes our journey and work, and lastly, the night is our time for reflection and rest.  

Thank you: Bryan Berry for video documenting this entire process. The lovely Kaitlin Fitzpatrick for honoring us with her radiant presence and embodying the spirit of this concept. Finally, Julian Edward for all his help to make this happen. Hope to make some amazing work with you guys in the future

- Ben


 A few behind the scene shots.