Guest Artists: Louis Trinh

Louis Trinh is a photographer and friend based out of Los Angeles, California. My first memory of Louis was a few years ago during a evening of heavy drinking and smoking. Someone sloppily called him and demanded a hefty McDonalds late night order. The conversation was like a typical ransom call, short, direct and quite bossy. A hour had gone by and soon everyone forgot about that phone call until the door bell rang. There Louis was, with a gentle grin and McDonalds in hand. That night was a blur but I will always remember that moment clearly, strange.

Louis and I became better friends shortly after an afternoon stroll in New York City months after the McDonalds situation. We spoke about our ambitious creative careers and the romantic idea of moving to the Big Apple. However, he stayed in LA and I moved to Honolulu. Since those days we've kept in touch whenever possible and cheered one another on as our paths unfolded.

I've been a fan of his photography for some time now. He started at a young age, watching his dad experiment with film cameras and eventually shooting for himself. Around then, like a wise baby man he was, Louis realized that photography could also be enjoyed outside the realm of business. 

Louis is able to capture the beauty and stillness of each moment. The colors and movements are so lovely. His style and voice carries through every set, from his urban environments to his nature escapes photos. To me, he is a wise observer waiting for the perfect time to speak, waiting for the perfect photo. 

I owe you a drunken fast food date. 

"A persistent observer, and a spirit for the outdoors are infused in each of Trinh's photographs of people and places. His natural forms in neatly packed compositions combined with cool delivery are a bliss for the advertising and layout editor."

Louis Trinh: