Moon Collective is an apparel and merchandise brand based in beautiful Bay Area, California. We are a small team of good friends weaving in and out of the collective contributing to the creative vision and the optimistic future of Moon.

Our story began in a small living room in  Oahu, HI in the Winter of 2013. We told our story in the form of graphic tees, which we sold out of a small closet in Kaimuki. The story of mystery, dreams, our place in the universe, where we are from, what we loved and the aspiration of evolving Moon into something bigger than we imagined. We appeared in numerous pop ups throughout the magical city of Honolulu and formed life long friendships.

At the very core of Moon Collective, we are graphic designers and lovers of fashion. We cast a wide net of things we are inspired by and use those broad strokes as the fundamental exploration for the brand. Never stay overly at peace with a current season, but always take the time to celebrate past victories. Though our capsules are small and limited, intertwined with every graphic or drop is a series of shared experiences amongst friends. 

Our aesthetic is clean and simple, but never limited to minimal or maximal sensibilities. We strive for the beauty in old things, weird things, folklore around our culture, the stories of our youth, memories of lands far away, feelings of memories long ago, missed connections, 2006 We Believe Golden State Warriors, Ocean Vuong, Ocean Moon, the romance of everything, the peace movement, Asian American experience, the love of this place and the trust of one another. At times it may feel like what we create was developed at a small dinner party while the record player turns and the fire roars in the fireplace, as if every feeling and memory were stored in our fingers only to be released with an artistic expression. As a gesture of remembering and prolonging the past.

Psychedelic Research describes the way in which we choose to explore the parallel realms between our inner-selves and everyday reality. Our modern world demands that we constantly project a public image, Moon Collective is about the time we create for our inward journey of self discovery.

The name Moon Collective is inspired by our ever-present neighbor, the Moon. It’s cycle has a significant effect on all living things, but we easily forget its influence. The journey of the Moon reminds us that it is our discoveries in the shadows that bring us to the light. 

We currently split our offices between California and Hawaii. Places that still have a reserve of mysticism while they keep pace with the modern world. Each stores its own library of legends, each landscape holds a different wealth of natural awe, but both share only one Moon. 

So, to know and love Moon Collective is to understand one’s own life journey and the obstacles that stand in your path, the pursuit of greatness and the overall enjoyment of this short fleeting life. We thank you for following along our ten year long and on-going adventure. We hope this project will leave a small imprint on you. 

Moon Studio

Moon Studios is a small design studio working on small brand, print, identity, and experiential projects. With thirteen years of experience working in agencies, tech, and start-ups, we look forward to collaborating with you.

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