• eBay Sneakers x Moon Collective

    It brings us so much joy to share our collaboration with@ebaysneakers. We worked closely with the eBay team to develop a custom graphic for SneakerCon Bay Area.

  • Shawna X x Moon Collective

    Excited for our collaboration and capsule with dear friend @shawnax. We have seen many forms of another over the last decade and I couldn’t be happier with who we have become.

  • Saturdays NYC x Moon Collective

    Moon Collective & Saturday’s collaboration is a celebration of AAPI heritage month. Thematically, it is inspired by Moon Studio’s journey for self discovery and exploration.

  • Haw-Lin X Moon Collective

    In the early 2000’s we saw a rise in digital moodboards, story-telling and forums. In those days we called them blogs.