• Haw-Lin Volcano Tee
  • Haw-Lin Volcano Tee
  • Haw-Lin Volcano Tee
  • Haw-Lin Volcano Tee

Haw-Lin Volcano Tee

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In the early 2000’s we saw a rise in digital moodboards, story-telling and forums. In those days we called them blogs.

Amongst the hypebeast’s and jjjjound’s, there was a brilliantly odd yet beautiful narrative duo called Haw-Lin. Tucked in an unknown country and masked in mystery, I scrolled endlessly through the site connecting one photo to the next with passion and curiosity. Some call it obsession, I call it design enthusiasm. Haw-lin was a place of inspiration, a blend between modernism and an old world perception of the aspirational future.

The (Haw) in Haw-lin represents the great kingdom of Hawaii. From there Nathan and I become fast friends. On our first meeting, he asked if I was Kevin to which I replied “I wish.” But I’m Moon, a man of his own principles, past and struggles.

In time, we created our own memories of drinking natural wine and dining in Paris to slow walks on Ocean Beach reflecting on our distant lives living in San Francisco.

To me, Haw-lin (Nathan and Jacob), represents design and photography excellence at the highest barometer. Gracefully celebrating the the mundane and the arts from a elevated perspective. When I’m lost and stuck on a project, you’ll find me gilding through Haw-lin.com like I did almost a decade ago.

Designed by Haw-Lin Services

Premium Shirt Body
• 100% Fine Jersey cotton construction
• Durable rib neckband
• Premium mid-weight shirt
• Fits slightly oversized

• S: Length: 27.5 in / Width: 19 in
• M: Length: 28.5 in / Width: 21 in
• L: Length: 29.5 in / Width: 23 in
• XL: Length: 30.5 in / Width: 25 in

Printing & Care
• Screen printed
• Wash inside out in cold water
• Hang dry and throw in dryer for 5 mins

• Please allow 7 business days for delivery

• Email Studio@Moon-Collective.com for exchanges or returns

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