• Moon Bus Hat
  • Moon Bus Hat

Moon Bus Hat

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We always took the 38 in the brisk morning for the the art classes we didn’t feel like we needed, for the money we thought we paid too much for. A few years later we took the Limited to the jobs we excited transitioned into which made us feel less and think more. Again the mornings were cold and the evenings dark and tiresome.

In between, school and work we crammed on filthy rides to see faces we loved and share meals with warm spirits. On the weekends, geary took us to the sea and we connected with the greyish blue waters of Ocean Beach. We rode our fix gears all over town in tight denim and smoked too many funny cigarettes at group art shows. We all split ways and grew up just a tad too fast. Everyone moved to LA or New York and said goodbye to this little city of ours. Some say SF is a tech village overtaken by the rich, but I say San Francisco is a haven of my youthful memories that I’ll always cherish.

• Dec 15

• 6 panel - One Size
• Made in the USA

• Leather strap enclosure

Printing & Care
• 2D Embroidery
• Revised smaller front logo
• Please wash cold inside out & always hang dry

• Please allow 7 business days for delivery

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