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Olympics Hat

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In Seoul, I met a cat in 1988. The cat welcomed me into his home and showed me such kindness. We connected and became immediate friends, sharing experiences of the past and the art we loved. The cat explained to me to life has a distinct precision and solitude of exploration, I nodded and agreed with a certain confidence I never had. 

During the weeks, we spent a lifetime of experiences walking through the beautiful canals of Seoul and gossiping kindly along the way. It wasn't the loud nights out or the overpwering sites of the new land I loved, but rather the simple evenings sharing a meal and listen to the static jazz on the radio as the sounds of the city poured in through our windows. The cat laughed and I smiled. 

The next week, I left to go back home to the family that missed me and the job that asked too much of my spirit. I teared as I thanked the cat for the wonderful time with the words that jumbled in my lips. I told him I would be back and If I couldn't I would remember everything. As I started to walk away, the cat said "dearest Moon, try your best (always)." 

Always I will, always I will try.

Designed by the unforgettable Andrew Lee. 

• 6 panel - One Size
• Made in the USA

• Snapback enclosure

Printing & Care
• 2D Embroidery
• Please wash cold inside out & always hang dry

• Please allow 7 business days for delivery

• Email Studio@Moon-Collective.com for exchanges or returns

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